blurb2.gifThe United States of Toyota is many stories in one.

First and foremost, it is a business story, detailing the decline of the American automobile industry – and the simultaneous rise of an Asian manufacturer to take its place. It is also a history book, providing an intimate portrait of the larger-than-life personalities and cars that led the American auto industry through its glory days and down the path toward extinction. It is a political/current affairs piece, presenting the rise of a Japanese company – Toyota – not just in terms of its sales success but also in terms of its cultural success, as it works to assimilate into American society. And finally, it is a never-before-seen primer on Detroit – The Motor City – a town and a region dominated by the auto companies, their suppliers and their ad agencies – and by a mindset and culture all its own.

In commentary that is as accurate as it is blunt, Peter De Lorenzo presents the players and the action in the auto business in a way not seen before in print. His voice is unique and refreshingly candid. His provocative analyses and assessments – grounded in personal experience and a lifelong immersion in all things automotive – present a compelling picture of the state of the auto business – how it used to be, what it has become and where it is headed.

From the arrogance and short-sightedness of the Detroit manufacturers to the acumen and relentlessness of Toyota, The United States of Toyota paints an insightful portrait of an iconic American industry as it struggles for survival in the early years of the twenty-first century.